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Albert Hawkins (1)

Gt. Grandfather ALBERT HAWKINS made it very difficult for us. He had 13 (yes, thirteen!) children by Mary Ann Inwood and registered none of them! And, yes, the marriage date of 1927 is correct. Luckily one of his Grandchildren had details of the 13 (see below) and we also knew he was a Sapper so putting the birthplace of the first born (Brighton, May 1881) and the 1881 Census together, there he was. Another of his Grandchildren thought that he had married late in life and a long search at the FRC yielded results.
Born February 17th. 1859 in Corsham, WIL.
MARY ANN INWOOD July 13th. 1927 in Woolwich (KEN) Register Office. Age 68, resident at 37, Nightingale Place, Woolwich, KEN.
Witnesses E. W. Taylor and N. McCabe.
1881 Census living at 11, High Street, Brighton, SSX with Mary A. Hawkins. Age given as 22.
1901 Census living at 5, Graydon Street, Plumstead, KEN with Mary Ann and 10 children (no Mary Jane)
1881 Sapper, Royal Engineers.
1901 Electrician
1911 Electrician
1927 Electrical Engineer
1927 Electrical Wireman, Pensioner - Royal Engineers (Death certificate)
ALBERT EDWARD b. May 24th. 1881 - Brighton, SSX
MARY JANE ETHEL b. October 15th. 1883. - Brighton, SSX
HARRY WILLIAM b. April 15th, 1885 - Truro, SOM
ERNEST FRANK b. April 13th. 1886 - Dover, KEN
ALICE LOUISE b. June 7th. 1887 - Enfield Lock, MDX
AMY AMELIA b. March 17th. 1889 - Enfield Lock, MDX
AGNES EMILY b. December 11th. 1891 - Woolwich, KEN
FLORENCE MAUD b. November 27th. 1893 - Woolwich, KEN
EMILY MAUD b. September 29th, 1895 - Woolwich, KEN
CHARLES HENRY b. February 1st. 1897 - Woolwich, KEN
FREDERICK b. January 4th. 1900 - Woolwich KEN
THOMAS b. February 23rd. 1902 - Woolwich, KEN
GEORGE LEONARD b. March 18th. 1907 - Woolwich, KEN