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A few links that I like. I'm not being paid for them, HONEST!

  • Http://www.johnbaldry.com
    • The great British Blues man who died in July, 2005. Sadly this link has also died. Any chance of a Long John fan taking it up?
  • Http://www.billyfury.com
    • An Excellent site about THE Greatest British Rock 'n' Roller.
      I've just revisited this site and it gets better! How many versions of "Halfway to Paradise" can there be? MOST of them are here.
      Another site dies!
  • Http://www.joebrown.co.uk
    • If you haven't seen Joe Brown live then go and see him. If you have, then go again!
  • Http://knibbs-family.org
    • A fabulous Family History site which is worth a visit even if you're not interested in the Knibbs family. Just see what a personal web site SHOULD be like. It's so good and so big that I've just heard (23rd. March 2011) that Don has had to transfer from his free BT site to a new paid for one!
  • Http://www.bear-family.de
    • In my opinion the best reissue label in the World.
  • Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
    • A Totally free encyclopedia that you can edit. I've added several bits (and used some of the information to verify what I put on this site).
  • Http://www.archiverecords.co.uk/
    • Are you into (mainly) vinyl? Then visit this website and/or visit the shop in Addlestone, Surrey. I don't have a vested interest but I visit there, now and again, and deal with Steve so I can personally recommend him. Mention my name and he'll probably say "Who?". By the way, not only vinyl but some cds, tapes and a load of memorabilia.
      Another site dies!
  • Http://www.cyndislist.com
    • The ultimate Family History research site
  • Http://www.britishpictures.com
    • If you like old British Films.
  • Http://www.wickedlady.com
    • If you like MORE old British Films
  • Http://www.ne.jp/asahi/salaryman/asada/burrows.htm
    • Like 60s / early 70s music? Never heard of Tony Burrows? Believe me, you've heard him!
      Another site dies, check Tony Burrows on Wikipedia to prove that you've heard him!
  • Http://www.bgibbard.ca/genealogy
    • Have just found this site (April 2010) because of a Gibbard link to my tree and was so jealous that I had to add it to my links! Just have a look, it's a fabulous personal web site (and no ads or nasties).
      Another site dies!


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