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Bert Sutcliffe O.B.E.
Born 17th. November 1923
Died 20th. April 2001
Wisden Cricketer of the year 1950

Bert Sutcliffe on Wikipedia
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The greatest New Zealand batsman (everything is relative and, relative to every New Zealand batsman in his cricketing lifetime, Bert was the greatest by a long way). Not many New Zealanders (I believe) would disagree with that. He was one of my heroes, I know I'm English but cricket is (was?) universal and many of my heroes were from beyond these shores.
This photo was taken at Canterbury (in Kent, England that is! - New Zealand versus Kent) in 1958. I see from Wisden that rain restricted the second day to 70 minutes and washed out the third day but my memory only extends to seeing Bert Sutcliffe! Can someone tell me who the other two cricketers are?
(I eventually e-mailed New Zealand Cricket with the question and Nikki (thankyou) tells me that they are Harry Cave (1922-1989) and Jack D'Arcy (born 1936). This she got from two doyens of New Zealand Cricket, Don Neely and Craig Presland. Thankyou also gentlemen).

Bert Sutcliffe (the cricketer on the left)

Bert Sutcliffe Autobiography
Bert Sutcliffe's Autobiography

Autographs of the 1958 NZ Tourists (Bert 3rd. from bottom)

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Bert Sutcliffe