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Black Watch in Yalta

Black Watch in Yalta

Entered Service 1972 - 28,492 tons
Formerly "Star Odyssey", "Westward" and "Royal Viking Star"

Not in the Saga class but good value for money all the same. The staff are pretty good and (on the Cruise we went on) the passengers were very friendly. Unlike P & O and Cunard there are not continuous P. A. announcements advising you of the activities that were available (the ones that cost extra, anyway). A definite plus. Another definite plus is that smokers are NOT well catered for. In fact, Fred Olsen are going down the route of no-smoking ships. Some of the smokers were of the opinion that this will lose Fred Olsen a lot of business. I don't think so!
One definite minus. We chose the cheapest outside cabin and the noise (presumably from the engines etc.) was awful. We spoke to other people further along the same deck and they didn't have this problem. Their cabins were, however, a grade up.
Another definite plus. The fish and chips at the Marquee was the best I have ever had (I do not say that lightly). NOTE: The Quadrant no longer does fish and chips (2016), there is now a grill on deck 6 which does burgers, another minus!

2008 Black Sea Melodies

2016 Sun, Sea and Grand Prix


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Black Watch