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Listen to Pretty Thing (well, 1 minute 10 seconds of it)

Otha Ellas Bates
born December 30th. 1928 - McComb, Mississippi
died June 2nd. 2008 - Archer, Florida

A pioneer of rock 'n' roll and a huge influence on the '60s British beat boom but his roots were in the blues. His "Bo Diddley beat" was a staple for most of the White Boy Blues bands (the Pretty Things were named after the above track) especially THE number one, The Rolling Stones. If it's good enough for the Stones, it's good enough for anyone!

A few Bo Diddley influenced tracks:

Not fade away - The Rolling Stones (1 min. 10 secs.)
Hide 'n' seek - The Thyrds (1 min. 10 secs.)
5-4-3-2-1 - Manfred Mann (1 min. 16 secs.)

A few covers of Bo Diddley numbers:

Roadrunner - The Animals (1 min. 05 secs.)
Bo Diddley - Bobby Vee & The Crickets (1 min. 09 secs.)
Bo Diddley is a Gun Slinger - Alex Harvey & his Soul Band (1 min. 17 secs.)
Pretty Thing - Canned Heat (1 min. 18 secs.)


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Bo Diddley