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2008. Alright, it wasn't my idea of a great holiday (walking around the Alps for someone who suffers from vertigo is not the first choice) but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Edna LOVES the mountains and this was 100% her choice so.....
Filzmoos is a lovely, quiet village in Austria. About 3500 feet above sea level near Saltzburg ("The Sound of Music" comes to mind). We stayed at the Hammerhof Hotel, 5 minutes from the village centre and excellent. Family run with friendly but unobtrusive staff, the Hammerhof is a small farm (of the petting variety). Haflinger ponies (a foal, Nicoletta, was born the day before we arrived - enough to send the female guests into ectasy), a few cattle, goats, rabbits etc. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. Giving the goats a few apple cores, watching the rabbits burrow out of their run into the paddock and then seeing them being chased and rounded up by the lady of the house and others, magic. The Hammerhof is also a sponsor of a great travel feature. The WanderBus. A bus which transports walkers to and from recognised footpaths. Free to the clients of sponsors, approx. £3 per trip for others. A brilliant idea which we made full use of. The guests at the Hotel were all friendly and we met some really nice Brits, especially Linda and Roland who hail from near Colchester. Inghams are (apparently) the only top range Travel Company who go to Filzmoos and they were top draw, the Rep (Patsy) being the best we have encountered in forty years of foreign travel (and we don't say that lightly). Her knowledge was exceptional (having lived in Filzmoos for several years and loving the place) and she had the right mature, breezy, non-PC attitude for the customers she represented.
The sights are really stunning. All footpaths are colour coded, blue for the casual walkers (that's us), red for the more serious (we did go on a couple of the easier red ones) and black for the experts. Now and again we turned back because we felt it was a bit iffy and, occasionally, we turned back because of snow but generally no problems. The weather started as if it were GB in Autumn but it perked up and the sun got very hot. (Tip: the sun's rays are stronger because of the altitude so use the sun tan lotion!).
Only went on a couple of trips. Saltzburg (now we really are talking "Sound of Music"), not bad. Worth a visit but if your idea of City sightseeing is Paris, Vienna etc. then a bit ordinary. Also went on a panoramic tour of the Dachstein range. Keep your eyes shut when going around the hairpins and the rest was fabulous. I was converted!

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