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Magellan in Arrecife, Lanzarotte

Built 1985 - 46,052 tons
1985-2009 "Holiday"
2010-2014 "Grand Holiday"

An excellently refurbished ship. Deck 9 (the main entertainment deck) is very good and the show lounge is magnificent (except that there are pillars and other obstructions which make getting a good seat top priority). The cleanliness all over the ship is excellent. However: Although the ship had only been sailing as the Magellan for a few months we had feedback from two sources who had been on it. They both said, nice ship - shame about the staff! Mainly Eastern European, we can only assume that they are cheap to employ (to be honest, they must be for CMV to cut the prices as much as they do). Or, perhaps, they are not too helpful because they are so much under pressure. For example, in the Restaurant - no wine waiters, the food waiter has to cater for everybodies drinks as well as their orders for food! Ridiculous! A quote from my page on CMV's other ship Marco Polo "the Captain was a non-smiler and didn't seem to think that the passengers were worthy of his attention, most unusual on a smaller cruise ship". That fits for this ship as well. Both Greek and, fair enough, English is not their first language but, on a ship with nearly all British passengers - IT SHOULD BE! The cabin we had (5084) was smallish but the beds were comfortable, the food was adequate and the theatre entertainment was good. Smokers are NOT well catered for, no smoking inside and only designated areas on deck. Excellent!
It is, of course, difficult not to compare to other ships but when the initial price of the cruise is compared it comes out as goodish value for money. If you're happy to cruise 3*.

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