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Listen to Statesboro' Blues

William Samuel McTier
Born 5th. May 1903* - Thompson, Georgia
Died 19th. August 1959 - Milledgeville, Georgia

I was listening to the radio one day (in the 60s) when I heard the Blues DJ, Mike Raven, say that there were only 6 copies of Blind Willie McTell's LP "Last Sessions" sold. I went into "Record Wise" in Egham, owned by Adam Gibbs, and asked to order it. He had it in stock!
The above track is not from that album (it was recorded much earlier, 1928) but it's one of those songs that lasted into the '60s. Try to hear the great version by Taj Mahal. (I've added a bit of it, see below).

Listen to the first minute of the Taj Mahal version here

*Wikipedia gives the date as 1898 (when Blind Willie's mum would have been 10!) and The Big Book of Blues by Robert Santelli gives 1901 but Michael Gray (in "Hand me my travelin' shoes") gives compelling evidence that April '03 to April '04 is the probable time of birth and, as the 5th. May is generally considered the birth date, the date given would seem a fair bet.




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Blind Willie McTell
(1903 - 1959)