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The Oval, July 12th. 2005. I left home at the normal time and got to the Oval at the normal time. Was this wrong? YES. The week before (7/7) the bombings had taken place in London and security was TIGHT! Never gave it a thought (we British don't!). Queued for over an hour and, by the time I got in, the match was decided. The English batting was so bad (and the Aussie bowling so good) that Solanki replaced Jones after 28 overs (that stupid substitute rule) and, although he did very well, the Aussies had to face one less class bowler. The plus side was that Gilchrist hit a wonderful ton (and Pietersen had a good crack). What would we give to have a wicket keeper like Gilchrist?
By the way, the shirt was VERY expensive (it was a present) and was made in Germany! (They are postcard copies of English Test Cricketers).
Thanks to Billy Gooch for the photo (he never gave me permission, but he won't mind!)

Terry at the Oval 2005

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The Oval 2005