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Clive Radley

Clive Thornton Radley MBE - born 13th. May 1944
Wisden Cricketer of the year 1979

If you were around in the '70s and were a fan of English Cricket then you'll be aware of Clive Radley. As a cricket fan AND a Middlesex fan I was more than aware!

Anyway, in my '90s working life I discussed cricket with an acquaintance and he let it slip that he played squash (or was it badminton) with an ex-cricketer called Clive Radley. Wow! He couldn't understand why I was so excited and Clive (when he asked for Clive's autograph on my behalf) couldn't believe that I had even heard of him! Oh Clive! you don't understand what a hero you are to some people.

Wisden 1979, Clive Radley, one of 5 cricketers of the year (and, in cricket, there is NO greater accolade), please sign here!