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Saga Sapphire in La Pallice. Because of the tides the gangway had to be adjusted several times on this cruise. Very low in the water at this time.

We chose this cruise because all the ports were new to us! Sailed from Dover in July (Britain was at the beginning of a heatwave) and visited Brest, Montoir (St. Nazaire), Bordeaux (overnight), La Pallice (La Rochelle) and Le Havre. Absolutely marvellous! Into the Bay of Biscay and you wouldn't know that we were on a ship. Dead calm.

Entertainment? Fair to middling. The classical quartet, Excellent! We'd seen them before and the "Lirica Piano Quartet" were magic!

The Lirica Quartet - from the left - Anastasiia, Liliia, Nataliia and Hanna. Apologies to Nataliia for Liliia's bow in the first photo!
Apologies to all for the poor quality of the second photo. Their dresses were always stunning. Never quite the same but co-ordinated.

We had the pleasure of joining up with an old cruising friend Shirley, who we had been on several previous Saga cruises with, and shared a table with her throughout the cruise (and a few laughs). We'll see her again next year on the Sapphire.

Edna and Shirley. Left on this cruise and right (with Geoffrey) on the Musical Mediterranean Cruise

Stayed on board for the next cruise, A Musical Mediterranean.

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