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Edward Taylor
Born 12 November 1939
Died 2 January 2023

Who? He may not be a "big name" (he was a big bloke) but King Size Taylor has three reasons why he should be included in my favourite 60's artists.

Firstly, he and his band (The Dominoes) were, actually, the backing group to Alex Harvey on the record "Alex Harvey and his Soul Band". I didn't know this at the time but loved the record.

Secondly, he made (what I thought) was an exceptional record. A cover of Solomon Burke's "Stupidity", loved it. For some reason it struck a chord. Of course I had the single but, to get it on cd, I bought the box set "Die ariola Star Club aufnahme". Yes, it's German but it's from one of my favourite labels, Bear Family. Expensive box set, one track I REALLY want, buy it!

Thirdly and, probably, most importantly, he recorded the Beatles live at The Star Club, Hamburg in 1962. Most importantly for the world of music but not for me. I'll always think of him as the singer of Stupidity and as an unsung hero on an Alex Harvey record.


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