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William Killick

All places are in Surrey, England (unless otherwise stated)
1. Born December 7th. 1828 in Cranley
ELIZA MANFIELD in St. John the Baptist Church, Wonersh on June 30th. 1860. Of full age. Resident in Wonersh. Witnesses were Henry Manfield and Caroline Manfield.
Occupation Farmer.
b. June 11th. 1861 - Cranley
ALICE b. January 7th. 1864 - Lingfield
EDGAR b. April 19th. 1867 - Mare House Farm, Albury
THOMAS b. June 10th. 1869 - Mare House Farm, Albury
NAOMI b. August 10th. 1871 - Mare House Farm, Albury

2. Born November 1789 in Wonersh
SARAH WOLGAR in St. Nicholas Church, Cranley on February 8th. 1827.
1851 Census living at Common House Farm, Cranley, age 60 (Farmer of 80 Acres) with
SARAH (age 50) and children:
CHARLOTTE Age 23, born Cranley.
WILLIAM Age 22, working on Farm - see above.
THOMAS Age 21, working on Farm, born Cranley
NAOMI Age 16, born Cranley
JAMES Age 13, born Cranley