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1984, Saga Ruby 2009 , Saga Ruby 2012 , Saga Pearl II 2014 and Saga Sapphire 2015

Had a great fortnight at Agios Nikolaos with Tjaereborg at the Hotel Miramare. Only a 2 or 3* Hotel but very pleasant, adequate food and a stone's throw from the Town Centre and the beach. Between the Hotel and the Town was a small restaurant (cheap and cheerful) where we had several lunches. The restaurant was opposite the football ground and I went to see a match, Agios Nikolaos beat a team from Athens 1-0.
Visited Knossos but, although the history given by the Guide was excellent, we didn't get the same feel of the past as we did in, say, Ephesus and Mycenae as the site had been extensively restored and the frescoes were copies (we did see the originals at Heraklion Museum).
Only went on two other trips, Lassithi, which is an extraordinary plateau with, allegedly, 10,000 windmills and the birthplace of Zeus. The other trip, Spinalonga! Went by boat and only had a short time on the island (a former leper colony) but that did for me for years to come! I'd always been a sufferer of vertigo BUT, when we walked around the island there was a stretch that had a sheer drop to one side (probably wide enough for two cars but...). I had to walk on the opposite side and was terrified! Never had such a bad attack before but since then I am useless, even just up ladders.
One other thing that has lasted with us all this time. We met a couple at the hotel, Ron and Valerie Cass (from Maidstone -I mention their names because I can't believe they're still living in Maidstone). Ron and I were trying to prove who was the most anti-social, believe it or not Edna and I are not the most sociable of people. One morning Ron and Valerie were on the next table at breakfast and we passed them a note saying "Good Morning", they passed a note back saying "Hello there, do we know you?"! Childish but fun. Ron said that if we ever met up then a curt nod would suffice but, unbeknown to them, we got their address off their luggage labels and, when we got home, we sent a postcard with "a curt nod from Staines" - no address given and we've never been in contact again. Ah, where are they now?

In 2009 we called in at Heraklion on the Saga Ruby Cruise. Just went into the city and, to be honest, thought what a grotty place it was. Graffitti, even on a Venetian Palace! Back on the ship quickly.

2012 and we're back on another Saga Ruby cruise, Booked a panoramic tour of the island this time. Excellent, time in Agios Nikolaos which was great although we didn't remember it (after 28 years) and Elounda - had a photo stop for Spinalonga (Edna thought I was just excorsicing my demons when I took the photo - see below).


2014. Walked into the city and had to find a "Boots" type Pharmacy. Found one which was huge. Edna had the "Boots" equivalent of what she wanted and showed it to an assistant who immediately directed us to the top floor. How would the Greeks, who can't speak English, get on in an English Boots I wonder? Sat in a park where there was a statue of "El Greco", lots of things about him around, we think he was probably born in 1614 (actually he died in 1614). Took photos of the Morozoni Fountain (it wasn't working) and it wasn't until afterwards that we realised that a couple (Kate and Derek), who we knew from the ship, were sitting in a cafe in the background (see below)

2015 and we decided to do the open top bus tour of Heraklion. A very informative commentary with Greek music (although Zorba kept turning up!) on a very hot day. Thoroughly enjoyable and, after the cold weather we'd had in Turkey, a lovely change. After lunch on board we took the shuttle bus back into town and bought a few things (including a set of bathroom mats which, when we got home and opened them, were smaller than we thought - hey ho!). Still, Greece needs the money more than we do!

Crete, love to go back again for a holiday and would be happy to stay at Agios Nikolaos again (although I think the Miramare has gone now).

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